Update on Scarlet Fever and invasive Group A Streptococci

Scarlet fever is usually a mild illness, but it is highly infectious. Therefore, look out for symptoms in your child, which include a sore throat, headache, and fever, along with a fine, pinkish or red body rash with a sandpapery feel.

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Register with us as a New Patient

New and Existing Patients

If you live within our practice area, and would like to register with the Practice, please complete one of our registration forms, available to download below, or alternatively please complete our online registration form.
Each patient that wishes to register is required to complete and submit a Registration Form and produce two forms of ID.
  • Photographic ID e.g. passport or photocard driving licence.
  • Proof of address in the form of any up to date utility bill or bank statement.
If you do not have ANY form of photographic ID, an alternative form of ID must be provided.
A copy of our practice leaflet and accompanying information will be provided and you will be offered an appointment to meet your new doctor.
You have the right to express a preference for seeing a particular Doctor at the practice, and we will do our best to comply with your request.
Things to know before choosing a GP Practice away from your home address
  • These new arrangements are voluntary for GP practices. If the practice has no capacity at the time or feels it is not clinically appropriate or practical for you to be registered so far away from home then they can still refuse registration. The practice should explain their reason to you.
  •  Once you have decided to register with a GP practice away from your home address, you will need to choose a practice that is accepting registrations from outside of their traditional practice boundaries. You can find this information by contacting the GP practice directly. They may have this information on their practice website or on their practice leaflet but the best way will be to contact them by telephone and asking a receptionist.
  • Because of the greater distance to your home, the GP practice may register you without the responsibility to provide you with a home visit when you are not well enough to go to the practice yourself.
  • When you register with a practice away from home, without home visits, you will be given information about what you should do in those circumstances where you need to access care whilst at home.

  • You may, if your circumstances change and it is no longer clinically appropriate or practical for you to be registered away from home, be asked to consider registering with a practice closer to home where your care may be better provided at that time.

  •  Should you become too ill to attend your registered practice in person or your practice advises that they are unable to assist you over the phone, contact NHS 111 who will direct you to the right service for your needs.
Updating your information

Change of Address

You are able to change your address using our “Change of contact Details Form”. Alternatively you can login to your Patient Access account and follow the ‘change contact details’ link.

Out of area patients

Due to an increase in demand and to reinforce our emphasis in providing care in the local community, we are no longer accepting out of area patients. As a Practice there are boundaries that we need to strictly adhere to and if as a current patient you notify us that you have changed your address and are no longer living in our catchment area, you will be given 28 days to register with a new GP Practice in your local area. By registering with a local GP Practice this will ensure that you receive the most appropriate care closer to your home.

Change of Personal Details

When changing a name either a copy Marriage Certificate/ Decree Absolute or a copy of the Deed Poll will need to be provided.
Nicknames and short versions of names cannot be used on our clinical system. Your name should appear as it does on your birth certificate or deed poll document.
If your date of birth is incorrect on your records, we will require proof via either your passport or birth certificate before we can make any changes.

Practice Area

The area covered by the practice is approximately six miles radius of Tiverton.
Use our tool to below to check if you are within the practice boundary.

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to register with your chosen GP, for example you may live too far away. If this is the case simply choose another GP in your local area.

Please note that if you were previously registered with a Doctor outside the UK then the Practice will not have access to your medical notes.  All patients who register from abroad should contact their previous Doctor to obtain copies of their notes.

We have the right to refuse to register patients if they have a violent flag against their record.

Pre-register online

Step 1: Complete online registration form

Our online registration form will collect your details, a brief outline of your medical history and record your preferences. This information may be added to your record and will allow us to begin to provide you with medical services.

Please complete one form for each family member.

Step 2: Upload scans of photo identity and proof of address

Please deliver to the practice copies of two forms of your identity.
One form of identity must contain a photo of yourself and the other must provide evidence of your current address. You may upload your forms online.

Download the Forms

If you would rather submit your application to register personally please download and complete the forms below, and, if necessary, the additional child document.

SCR patient consent preference form

Download a form to opt out of having a Summary Care Record (SCR) or opt out of additional information being included in the SCR.

Practice Leaflet

Organ Donation

From 2020, adults in England will be considered potential donors unless they choose to opt out or are excluded. For more information please visit the Organ Donation NHS UK where you can also register your decision.