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Who do I see?

Community Pharmacist / Advanced Nurse Practitioner or GP if persists


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Do you think you have a urine infection?

Important selfcare treatment includes increasing your fluid intake and regular pain relief, Paracetamol is recommended.

Further information on urinary tract infections can be found at;

If selfcare treatment does not help and your symptoms persist;

Please make contact via AccuRx or phone and give detail of all your symptoms. – please detail if you have any pain (describe intensity and location) or fever. Your symptoms are important as they guide treatment.

In some situations, we might request a urine sample. If so please see the attached link for guidance on collecting a clean sample – Urine Tests.

If we have asked for a sample to send for culture (to the lab) please ask for a red top bottle from our reception team, this is important as it contains a preservative to ensure we have a good sample.

Information about Urinary tract infections (UTIs) available from NHS UK.